THINK BALL & SPORTS CONSULTING is a football player career management company, founded by agent Marcelo Robalinho in the year 2000, which aims to provide its athletes with a wide range of services that involve not only the discussion and celebration of contracts of work with the clubs, but the valorization of the soccer player in his performance in Brazil and abroad and in all the media.

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, it is one of the most reputable career management companies for soccer players. Globalized, the agency has extended its activities in Europe throughout its trajectory and today has offices and consultants spread across the Old Continent (Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark) and South America (Brazil and Paraguay) with fluency in several languages (English, Spanish , French, Italian, Russian, Greek, Danish, Dutch, German, Turkish, Portuguese, etc). Think Ball currently represents players of different nationalities who play in various countries around the globe.

Through a permanent consultancy, Think Ball offers athletes all the support to make decisions in the most diverse areas, from investments, through social behavior, to the most complex family situations.

Investments are constantly made for the careers of the represented athletes, offering press relations, developing their own websites and social media, creating and distributing custom materials, in short, every kind of resource is invested to achieve the common goal: professional success.

When it comes to contract negotiation, Think Ball also comes out ahead. With the broad support of its legal team, the best deals are sealed with ethics and respect for the parties, characteristics that make Think Ball one of the most respected companies in the industry, in Brazil and abroad.

Successful contracts are always negotiated by those who understand the most. With professionals who know the day to day life of clubs and meet the aspirations of athletes, Think Ball seeks the best for its players and their families, guiding and celebrating the best deals in the football market.

Our players who work abroad enjoy special attention not to suffer from the ghost of 'loneliness' and 'forgetfulness', initially we seek to adapt the living conditions of the player in the new country, telephone contact is routine and visits by members of our Staff are frequent. On the other hand, the press is always up to date with the news and performances of these athletes, which despite their distance make them present in our football scene.

We must also emphasize that the success of our services can be verified numerically by all our representatives, who soon see their salaries and financial conditions increase in geometric scale, which proves once again the fame we have with the usual clubs. negotiate the best contracts for athletes.

Receiving awards is a happy routine in Think Ball's history and only attests to the quality of our services and the competence of all employees, as it is undeniable that we operate in one of the most competitive branches in Brazil.

Marcelo Robalinho - CEO of Think Ball & Sports Consulting
In charge of Think Ball since its foundation, Marcelo Robalinho has a law degree from USP - Largo do São Francisco, and in 2013 received the title of Master of Law from the Swiss University UNINE (Univeristé de Neuchâtel), which together with the Center FIFA International Sports Study College, specializes in Sports Law. In December 2013, launched the book "Third-Party Ownership of Football Players - Why are the big actors in the football market afraid?", work that raises a debate about the use of investors in football and in 2020 the book GOL "Gestão Organização e Liderança", with a short history of 20 top executives of football industry linked with Brazilian market.